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Sharp Consulting offers transitional leadership services, as well as services in many aspects of cultural and heritage non-profit operations including, exhibitions, interpretation, public programs, and collections management.



An interim executive director will keep an organization operational and provide stability during a leadership transition. Engaging the services of an interim director gives the board the space it needs to reflect, organize a search process, and prepare for a new executive director. An interim will free up non-executive staff or the board from taking on the former executive's work in addition to their current duties.



Do your exhibits reflect the diversity of your community? Do they encourage meaningful dialogue that brings forth positive change? Engaging exhibitions tell meaningful and relevant stories. Sharp Consulting provides research, writing, and curation services while integrating community voices throughout the process.



Interpretation is a value statement. Your museum's narratives reveal what voices are prioritized and what ones are minimized.  Sharp Consulting will facilitate the development of an inclusive interpretation plan by assembling a team of content advisors, stakeholder community members, community conversations, and focus groups.



Sharp Consulting offers expertise in developing and implementing innovative programs & initiatives that will increase relevance, appeal to a wider audience, engage new partners, and establish your organization as an institution that meets the needs of your community and appeals to the interests of a diverse audience.



Sharp Consulting provides object and archival collections care and management, development of policies and procedures, and comprehensive disaster planning.

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